Hi - I'm George, the Tofu Guy.

My mission is to introduce more Westerners to legacy tofus. If you’re not familiar, there are over 27 different types of tofu. They taste nothing like the conventional white blocks. Some are bready. Others taste like aged cheese. Some bake up like pastry crust. Others melt. 

I studied the art of tofu making under Luo Zhongda, a fifth generation tofu master from Six Dragons (六龙), China. Since then, I’ve written a book about my experiences, called Broken Cuisine; cooked dinners for major American and Chinese celebrities, including Daniel Wu, Feng Xiaogang, and Zhang Jingchu; created one of the top Reddit AMA’s of 2023 (beating Ed Sheeran); and lectured at America’s leading culinary school, the Culinary Institute of America, and at the China Vegan Summit. The legendary food writer Mark Bittman has called my recent writing in the Asterisk “the most interesting piece about tofu ever written.

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