Hi - I'm George Stiffman.

It’s nice to meet you. I’m working on promoting Chinese tofus in the States. If you’re not familiar, China has over 20 types of tofus. They taste nothing like conventional white blocks. Some are bready. Others taste like aged cheese. Some bake up like pastry crust. Others melt. 

I’m writing a book to teach western cooks how use these ingredients beyond Chinese cooking. I’m also building a team to import and sell these ingredients to western supermarkets. If you’re excited about this project, let me know here. I’d love to find ways to collab.

Previously I lived in China, cooking in Buddhist restaurant kitchens, studying at Chinese university, living with local godparents, apprenticing in a 5th generation tofu factory, and eating my way across too many cities, towns, and villages to count.

Connect with me on Instagram or Linkedin. Always happy to help if I can.