Broken Cuisine

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Learn about five incredible tofus that taste like cheese, pastry crust, fish cakes, bread, and more - and how cooks can approach using them in western cooking.

Western Cuisine is Broken

More and more Americans are trying to eat less meat, for the climate, their health, and the wellness of other animals. Yet, we struggle to do so.

Too often, American vegan food is subtractive, just meat dishes without the meat. Increasingly, vegan options are substitutive, meat dishes with plant-based analogs. Yet, most alternatives still don’t taste as good as the originals. Occasionally, vegan options are traditional, cultural foods that never included meat, like chana masala and peanut butter and jelly. Yet, these foods are still vastly outnumbered by the non-vegan options out there.

This is broken. Our meat tastes great but is killing the planet. Our plant-based food doesn’t taste good enough.

To widen the appeal of vegan eating, we believe we must move beyond what we have today. We must create new foods. There was a time before pizza; a time before sushi; a time before sriracha. And we’re currently in a time before incredible vegan options that have yet to be created.

We believe the best way to create new foods is cultural exchange – new ingredients meeting local tastes. Broken Cuisine is our attempt to do that: to introduce western cooks to the incredible world of Chinese tofus, to work together to fix our broken American cuisine.

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Never Tasted Chinese Tofus?

China has over 20 different types of tofus. They taste nothing like conventional tofu blocks. Some are bready. Others taste like aged cheese. Some bake up like pastry crust. Others melt!

These tofus aren’t substitutes. Rather, their unique properties can do things that meat, eggs, and dairy cannot.

Want to learn about five especially delicious varieties?

yuba napoleon pastry

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