Work with Me

Want to promote tofu across America?

I'm looking for collaborators who...

  • Have experience with viral marketing and growth hacking — are able to build a successful social media presence, create great video content, and establish brand partnerships.
  • Understand brand design.
  • Are familiar with food supply chain and logistics.
  • Care about compassionate, sustainable food systems.

Why work with me?

I’m a leading expert on Chinese tofus. In college, I lived in China and apprenticed in a fifth generation tofu factory, studying the art of meltable tofu. During Covid, I commissioned and led a team of chefs to write Broken Cuisine, a book introducing westerners to Chinese tofus and how to use them beyond Chinese cooking. Through that process, I’ve catered dinners for Hollywood and Chinese Hollywood celebrities and have developed a sizeable network. Before Broken Cuisine, I worked on a couple startup projects and am familiar with what it takes to get a product off the ground — from designing business models, validating them via market research, sourcing from Chinese manufacturers, etc. I graduated from USC in 2019, where I studied Chinese and business administration.