Work with Me

Want to promote tofu across America?

I'm looking for collaborators who...

  • Have experience with viral marketing and growth hacking — are able to build a successful social media presence, create great video content, and establish brand partnerships.
  • Understand brand design.
  • Are familiar with food supply chain and logistics.
  • Care about compassionate, sustainable food systems.

Why work with me?

I’m a leading expert on Chinese tofus. In college, I lived in China and apprenticed in a fifth generation tofu factory, studying the art of meltable tofu. During Covid, I commissioned and led a team of chefs to write Broken Cuisine, a book introducing westerners to Chinese tofus and how to use them beyond Chinese cooking. Through that process, I’ve catered dinners for Hollywood and Chinese Hollywood celebrities and have developed a sizeable network. It looks like we’ll be able to promote our book via several large marketing channels, which could connect us with tens or hundreds of thousands of potential tofu customers. Before Broken Cuisine, I worked on a couple startup projects and am familiar with what it takes to get a product off the ground — from designing business models, validating them via market research, sourcing from Chinese manufacturers, etc. I graduated from USC in 2019, where I studied Chinese and business administration.